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Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Sheikh Zayed: “The Educational Vision and Values of Zayed” Embodied in a Seminar at the University of Sharjah

​21 November 2017

Under the patronage of and in the presence of Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, the Department of Education at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sharjah, and in collaboration with the Arabic Language Educational Center for Gulf States (ALECGS), an educational seminar titled "The Educational Vision and Values of Zayed". The seminar, which celebrates the 100th birthday of late Sheikh Zeyed and the Year of Zayed, was held yesterday (Tuesday) at the College's main building. 

The subject of this educational seminar was chosen to shed the light on and revive the educational deeds and humanitarian attitudes of the late Sheikh Zayed, which have a positive reflection on various aspects of life in the UAE. Zayed's educational vision and values influence everything from encouraging educational initiatives and orientation of educationalists in different fields of their work, to raising the bar on their roles, missions and continuous development of their educational competence.

In his speech, Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy stated "Those creative initiatives that we live today rekindle hope in ourselves at a stage of positive and qualitative shift in different aspects of the education process; the initiative of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to declare 2018 the Year of Zayed, is an embodiment of the moral norm "An Excellent Successor to an Excellent Predecessor"; such initiative, amongst many other initiatives, was and will remain a proof of goodness and a way of giving that clearly shows the values of the late Sheikh Zayed and his educational vision, to vuild a true renaissance and civilization in our precious home, as Zayed's words and deeds remain a genuine and practical measurement of educational characteristics, across the board, which He translated into an actual reality in his life; as a citizen or a leader, a truthful translation stemmed from honest and transparent instinct that eventually became a proud beacon lighting the paths of success and achieving happiness to everyone".

"Therefore, the (2018 Year of Zayed) initiative is a celebration and expression of appreciation and gratitude of the role of the father, the leader, and the builder, who established the very foundations of this human, architectural and cultural development, which very essence – as the late Sheikh Zayed intended – is to build a human, who is proud of his national identity and heritage, open to the world, in connection with the cultures of other peoples; who raised the sons and daughters of our country to become leading role models, each in their own field; and today, the United Arab Emirates is proud of them all, especially when we think of the life story of the late Sheikh Zayed; Zayed, the generosity; Zayed, the unity; who unified the sons and daughters of the UAE into one fabric, and who established the federation of the emirates on solid and ambitious ground, aspiring to modern, global and civilizational horizons within the Islamic and Arabic approach", added H.E. Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy. 

Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, stated "the commemoration of the heritage of late Sheikh Zayed through future projects and initiatives that conform to his vision, values, leadership and humanity, as one of the world's greatest leaders and most inspiring personalities in terms of his patience, wisdom and vision, is a moral, human, and standard duty rested on our shoulders; therefore, we must pay tribute to the spirit of such a great leader and to his ever-lasting memory".

In the opening speech of Prof. Husein Mohammad Al Othman, Acting Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science, and Dr. Bushra Ahmed Alakashee, Head of Education Department, welcomed the audience and stressed that "the seminar is an opportunity to shed light on the values and educational vision of the late Sheikh Zayed, which, represented in his fatherly personality, are a beacon guiding educationalists, and a source to grasp from it the meanings of humanity and true belonging". "We find ourselves before a genuine educational mind, in which memories meet achievements, and authenticity meets civilization".

Also participated in the seminar, Dr. Moza Ghabash, President of Rewaq Ousha Educational & Cultural, Dr. Issa Al Hamadi, Director of the Arabic Language Educational Center for Gulf States, Prof. Shaikha Al-Mutairi, Director of the National Culture Department - Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage, Jamal Bin Obaid Al-Bah, Chairman of the Arab Family Organization, Fahd Al Maamari, Director of Publication Department - The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, and Poet Mahmoud Noor, Director General of Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation. The participants discussed several points of interest such as: Sheikh Zayed's Achievements in Developing Education, the Educational and Humanitarian Values in the Poetry of Sheikh Zayed, the Educational Deeds of Sheikh Zayed and their Influence on the Community's Happiness, Women's and Family's Issues in the Mind of Sheikh Zayed, and the Ingenuity of Sheikh Zayed (Zayed Son of the Deseret, Builder of Civilization). The seminar also played a documentary fil about the late Sheikh Zayed.

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, accompanied by Prof. Husein Mohammad Al Othman, Acting Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science, and Dr. Bushra Ahmed Alakashee, Head of Education Department, honored the participants.

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