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University of Sharjah Signs Cooperation Agreement with Emirates Creative Society

​31 October 2017

University of Sharjah signed a memorandum of understanding with Emirates Creative Society to reinforce joint cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise and establish a permanent partnership that delivers sustainable development between both sides. His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Hamid Al Qasimi, Chairman of Emirates Creative Society, and Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of University of Sharjah, signed the MoU.


Attended the signing, Dr. Salah Taher, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, and Mr. Khalid Al Raboui, Director of Department of Public Relations, on behalf of UoS; and Mr. Faisal Jaafar Al Yafi, Deputy Chairman of ECS, and Mrs. Rasha Najib Bahbaishi, ECS Coordinator, on behalf of Emirates Creative Society.


The MoU aims at consolidating the joint cooperation between the parties in the launch and implementation of training programs and workshops, organizing scientific conferences and forums for the top cutting-edge world practices in creativity and innovation. It also seeks to exchange and publish scientific research and studies, consultations on supporting Emirati talents and innovations in the UAE community, and benefit from experts and researchers of both parties. It will empower community members in entrepreneurship through qualifying consultations and programs that reinforce the role of the youth in the business community. A joint action committee will be formed between the parties to manifest and improve their strategic partnership, implement administrative, financial and technical frameworks and measures necessary to execute research projects or even organize cultural, social and training activities that will be agreed on later.


It is noteworthy that, the University of Sharjah is a top educational institution and a pioneer in higher education and scientific inquiry in the UAE and the region. UoS strives to provide a scientific environment capable of anchoring traditions of scientific inquiry in several fields of knowledge. It aims at developing the local community and providing a variety of training services. The University of Sharjah has a vital role in training and improving the capabilities of individuals in a plethora of disciplines by forming a continuous partnership with different local and regional stakeholders.


Emirates Creative Society provides support to innovators and distinguished individuals from UAE nationals and residents. It adopts these talents to offers them a home to grow their skills and potentials. ECS aims at making innovation a community culture, a public demand and a quality initiative based on true partnership with community members and embracing a comprehensive concept to benefit from and properly guide the capabilities of society members.


At the end of the meeting, His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamid Al Qasimi presented a painting of UoS. On his part, Prof. Hamid Al Naimiy presented a commemorative shield to Emirates Creative Society.

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