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Sharjah Medical Students to Identify Sharjah community Health Needs

​12 April 2017

The College of Medicine at University of Sharjah has worked out an eight-week field training program designed to train medical students on different aspects of preventive health services and to help them experience firsthand engagement in the activities relating to the sufferings of  people with special needs. The program is coordinated and organized by the departments of Family Medicine, Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences.

The program encompasses diverse aspects of training including small group, team-based learning sessions, resource sessions as well as eight-day field placements.

The focus of attention will be on common preventive activities to address the needs of vulnerable populations i.e. people with special needs, those living with chronic and disabling disease cases, elderly people, and child health as well as socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

Students will also explore ethical issues associated with health and health risk prevention, as well as issues impacting these community groups, and the contributing environmental and occupational factors and related problems. The role of community health agencies and programs related to all levels of prevention and health promotion will also be examined.

It is planned that, each year, medical students are to visit five places in the second semester between February and April. These visits cover Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, where a 2-day activity will give students the opportunity to observe the facilities designed for helping children with special need. Another 2-day visit to Old People's Home will engage students with the various activities aimed to support the elderly. The third 2-day visit will be paid to Sharjah Municipality to have field inspections of the saloons and restaurants and the fourth 1-day visit will be to the Preventive Medicine Department to acquaint students with the knowledge of the different measures and activities carried out in the Communicable Disease Center (CDC).

The other 1-day visit will cover the Health Center so that students get involved in the maternal and child preventive services. 

At the end of the community health activities, students should have gained an understanding of the role of different preventive health services in the UAE, as well as acquiring skills in environmental and occupational medicine and in evidence-based medicine.

The CHP committee is responsible for the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation and assessment of the program. The committee is comprised of Dr. Nabil Sulaiman, Head of the Program, Dr. Nuha Yousif, Family Health Program coordinator and Dr. Ahmed Hasswan, Community Health Program Field Coordinator.

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