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Clinical Practice E-Portfolio Launching Ceremony

​5 March 2017


The Medical Diagnostic Imaging (MDI) Department at the University of Sharjah has launched the Clinical Practice E-Portfolio system, which is embedded in the University's currently used Blackboard. Professor Adel Abuzenadah, Dean of College of Health Sciences, and Professor Samir Awadallah, Acting Chair of the MDI Department, commenced the event. 

Dr. Mohamed Abuzaid, Assistant Professor at the Department and leader of  the project, gave a detailed explanation of the steps of the project and how it would help the Department and its students achieve the highest cloacal practice competency. He said the project has so far resulted in five publications in peer-reviewed journals and two presentations at two conferences at UAE University and the 19th Radiography World Congress, Seoul, Korea. The project is currently involved in international collaboration with many institutions worldwide, such as the Society of Radiographer, UK, School of Medicine, National University of Ireland and Health Sciences College, and Monash University, Australia, he added.

Ms. Anissa M. Bettayeb, Head of Academic Computing Section, Information Technology Center, explained the technical specifications of the project and how the research team worked hard in collaboration with her Department to achieve these successful resuls. Dr. Wiam Elshami, Assistant professor and member of the project team, highlighted the plan for this project in terms of research and expected improvements in the future.

The use of portfolios as learning and assessment tools in undergraduate medical education programs has become more common, he clarified. It will provide the MDI Department with effective assessment tools and encourage more solid learning experiences.

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