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Statistics is a major part in educational research. Research starts with idea which can be formulated as research question and then transformed to a hypothesis. Statistics is the tool needed to assess the hypothesis. This workshop focuses on the basic element of data analysis and highlights the importance of planning stage in research. It gives a simple guidance in the process of data analysis and how to translate the research question into statistical hypothesis which it can be easily tested.


  • Introduction
  • Steps in conducting research
  • Keys of success in data analysis
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inference statistics
  • Plan for your study (sample size calculation)
  • Selecting the most appropriate statistical procedure

Who should attend the workshop:

  • Researchers who are interested in understanding data analysis techniques.
  • Postgraduate students who seek mastering the data analysis of their thesis.


  • To provide the attendees with the basic elements of the data analysis.
  • To provide the attendees with the statistical skills to select the most appropriate statistical procedure to analyze their data
  • The provide the attendees with major elements of sample size calculation and its importance in planning for research

Intended outcome:

You've built your statistical knowledge and skills, use it and analyze your data. Congratulations!