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International Conference on Islamic Finance
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Authors are encouraged to write papers that reflect the theme of the conference within their areas of expertise. Broad research areas include, but not limited to, the following:
Conference Areas
Business and Economics Track
  • Islamic Finance as an independent Economic approach
  • Islamic Financial Instruments and their impact on   Islamic banks’ sustainability and competition. 
  • Risk Management and Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Finance and the Requirements of International Standards( i.e.Basel III, Capital Adequacy and Accounting)
  • Portfolio Management and Islamic Finance
  • Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Islamic Finance.
  • Islamic Finance Instruments and Financial markets
  • Sukuk and  Economic Development
Sharia Track
  •  Innovative tools in Islamic finance
  •  Inherent practical challenges on the internal Sharia Governance   of Islamic banks
  •  Proposed solutions to the contentious issues in the application of Islamic finance modes
  •  Difference of opinion among Sharia schools of jurisprudence on the formulation of innovative tools in Islamic finance
  • Sharia perspective on the application of the latest developments in the field of Islamic finance
Legal Track
  • Role of Legislations in Advancing Islamic finance.
  • The Regulatory Framework for Islamic finance transactions in United Arab Emirates.
  • Relationship between Central Banks and Islamic Banks.
  • Legal Protection of Islamic finance products.
  • Legal Problems facing Islamic finance and its products in practice.
  • Legal Liability arising out of Islamic finance.
  • Dispute Resolution and Islamic Finance