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Call for Papers
The College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah invites papers for its first international conference on Excellence in Business. Markets are increasingly globalised helped by the fast and persistent advances in information and communication technology, liberation and deregulation of national economies and the emergence of regional and global economic cooperation organizations. Emerging market economies are gaining more importance and playing an increasingly critical role in the world economy and politics. These economies are experiencing phenomenal growth rates offering business huge opportunities for expansion, development and prosperity.
Paradoxically, however, the idea of universality of management theories and practices is becoming subject to scrutiny and challenge and the importance of the unique context (social, political and cultural background) of the emerging economies is acknowledged. Similarly, the structure and drivers of the emerging market economies is likely to be distinct from those of the mature industrial economies. This might be true despite the increasing influence of globalization and the mutual dependence between these economies. New realities are unfolding, new business and economic issues are emerging, and new insights can be gained and utilized to address, conceptualise, and theorize these new realities. These are interesting challenges for the academia to take on and to make meaningful contribution.
This international conference is aimed to offer an opportunity for researchers from around the globe to deliberate on these challenges, to share their experiences, and to exchange and build-up on each others’ ideas in the following areas..
Authors are encouraged to write papers that reflect the theme of the conference within their areas of expertise. Broad research areas include, but not limited to, the following:
  • Education, Training and the Role of Accounting Profession
  • Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Corporate Governance and Organization Performance
  • International Financial Agencies and Accounting Practices.
  • Accounting Practices in Family Businesses
  • Culture and Accounting Developments
  • Theoretical Approaches to Accounting in Emerging Economies
  • Management Accounting Practices and Developments
Track Commitee
  • Professor Taisor Zoubi, American University of Sharjah
  • Mostafa Hasan, Assocate Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Sawsan Halabouni, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Magdi El-Bannany, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Mohamed Salem , Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Waal Wahid ElKelish, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah

  • Risk Management
  • Commercial Banking
  • Behavioral Finance.
  • Emerging Markets
  • Debt Instruments and Private Equity
  • Market Regulations and Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Investments
Track Commitee
  • Professor Dennis Olson, American University of Sharjah
  • Professor Mahendra Raj, University of Sharjah
  • Professor Hussein Al-Tamimi, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Md Hamid Uddin, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah

Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Banking and Economic Development
  • Economic of Profit-sharing
  • Islamic investment
  • Islamic bonds( Sukuk)
  • Salam and Istisna’a
  • Islamic Financial Markets
Track Commitee
  • Professor Hussein Al-Tamimi, Member, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Obaid S. Al Zaabi, Research Advisor, Director of Research and Development in Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority
  • Dr. Md Hamid Uddin, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Professor M.Kabir Hassan, University of New Orleans, USA
  • Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Shayeb,Assistant Professor, UAE University

  • General Management
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management
  • Managing in Different Sectors (Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Hospitality, etc.)
  • Management of Business Dynamics (Change, Learning, Knowledge, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Growth)
  • Management in Areas of Special Interest to Emerging Markets (Free Zones and Technology Parks, Property and Property Development, Events and Tourism Management)
Track Commitee
  • Professor Abbas Ali, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr.Azaddin Khalifa, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Professor Darwish Abdulrahman Yousef, UAE University
  • Dr.Rabia Naguib, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Syed Tipu, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Kamel AlFantazy, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah

Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) in the Middle East
  • Managing Diversity
  • Expatriate Management
  • HRM in Times of Economic Crisis
Track Commitee
  • Dr. Rachid Zeffane, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Abubaker Sulaiman, Associate Professor, British University
  • Dr. James C. Ryan, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah

  • Marketing Communication Issues
  • Customer Relationships Management
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Pricing, distribution channels, Product Design, Management , and Marketing
  • Services and Tourism Marketing
  • Social, Not-for-Profit, event, sport, and Political Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing and Consumer behavior

Track Commitee
  • Professor Sonny Nwankwo, University of East London
  • Dr. Nnamdi o. Madichie, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr.Mohammad Al-hawari, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah

Management Information Systems
  • Data Warehouses and Data Mining
  • Decision Support Systems
  • E-commerce, E-business, E-Government
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Computer and Information Security
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • GIS
Track Commitee
  • Dr.Hassan Salim, Associate Professor, UAE University
  • Dr.Oualid Ben Ali, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Samar Mouakket, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Mohammed Nour, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Waleed M. AlSabhan, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Nadia Farahat, Director of Enrollment Management and Academic Guidance Unit , University of Sharjah

  • Economic crisis and contagion
  • Currency crisis
  • Monetary policy
  • Fiscal policy
  • International finance foreign exchange rate
  • International trade
  • Energy economics
  • Environmental economics
Track Commitee
  • Professor Abdul Razak Al-Fares, Professor, UAE University
  • Dr.Osama Sweidan, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Professor Mohamed Osman Suliman, Member, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Souad M. Sherif, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah

Public Administration
  • Public Sector Reform, Innovation and Change
  • Governance and Development
  • Public Financial Management
  • Public Sector Ethics and Accountability
  • Markets and Competition in Public Services
  • E-Government
  • Participation and Service Delivery in Public Organizations
  • Government, Business and NGOs in Partnership
Track Commitee
  • Dr. Abu Elias Sarker, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah
  • Dr. Alaa-Aldin. Alathamy, Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah

Please look at the submission guidelines for submitting your extended abstratcts and full papers.