ACRAO Membership

Membership in the Organization

This membership is entitled to government, private universities and higher institutes working in the departments of admission and registration, everyone can sign up as a member of the organization to participate in different activities in the areas of education. We are pleased at the General Secretariat of the Organization to invite all the universities in the Arab countries to the organization because of the benefit to all universities for new developments and the latest developments in the work of Arab universities and exchange of experiences and share outputs of  the Arab world.

Entry Fee in the organization

Because the organization is not-for-profit, the annual subscription to the Organization uniformly for all members of only 750 fee (seven hundred and fifty) USD. For inquirers please click on Registration.

The aim of the conference

The conference aims to activate the role of Arab universities to participate in the work of development of the Admission and Registration and its impact on the quality of education.