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Journals of college of Sciences
Department of Computer Science:
Computational Intelligence1
Computer Journal2
Computer Review3
Distributed Computing4
International  Journal of Information Systems and Change Management5
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science6
International Journal of Parallel Programming7
International Journal of Robotics Research8
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems9
Machine Translation10

Department of Physics:
1American Journal of Physics
2Journal of Applied Physics
3Physical Review, B: Condensed Matter and Material Physics
4Reviews of Modern Physics

Department of Chemistry:
1Chemical Communications
2Chemistry Review
3Journal of Analytical Chemistry
4Journal of Chemical Education 
5Methods in Organic Synthesis

Department of Mathematics:
NJournal Title
1American Mathematical Monthly
2American Statistician
3Archive Der Mathematik (English Edition)
4Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
5Canadian Mathematical Buletin
6College Mathematics Journal
7Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations
8Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
9International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology
10Journal of  the American Statistical Association
11Journal of Difference Equations and Applications
12Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations     
13Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics                 
14Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences
15Mathematical Programming
16Mathematics Magazine
17Numerische Mathematik / Numerical Mathematics
18SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics
19SIAM Journal on Computing
20SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
21SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications
22SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

Department of Applied Biology:
1Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
2Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
3Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews
4Critical Reviews in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
5Cytology and Genetics
6Food Biotechnology
8Immunological Reviews
9Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
10Plant Molecular Biology