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Journals of college of Business Administration
​Dept. of Accounting:

1Contemporary Accounting Package (incl. Contemporary Accounting Research ; Accounting Perspectives)
2International Journal of Auditing
3Journal of Finance
4Journal of Accounting Research
5Journal of Business Finance and Accounting

Dept. of Economics:

1.    American Economic Association - Membership
2.    Country Report & Profile - UAE
3.    International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation  
4.    Balance of Payments Statistics

Dept. of Business Administration:

1Banking Technology
2International Financial Statistical Yearbook
3Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
4Journal of Behavioral Decision Making
5Journal of Consumer Research
6Journal of International Business Studies
7Journal of Management
8Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Dept. of Management Information Systems:

1Decision Support Systems
2Information Systems Research
3Information Systems Management
4Journal of Database management
5Journal of Information Technology
Dept. of Public Administration

1International Journal of Public Administration
2International Review of Administrative Sciences
3Public Administration (London)
4Public Management Review