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Journals of college of Arts, Humanities and Social Studies
Department of Education :
1Cambridge Journal of Education
2College Teaching
3Comparative Education
4Early Childhood Education Journal
5Education Journal
6International Journal of Bilingual Education
7Journal of Management Education
8Journal of Philosophy of Education
9Journal of Teacher Education
10Journal of the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
11Modern English Teacher
12TESOL Quarterly

Department of English Language and Literature:
1Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature
2Applied Linguistics
3Comparative Literature
4English Language and Linguistics
5Essays in Criticism
6Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics
7International Journal of Arabic-English Studies
8International Journal of Translation
9Journal of Arabic Linguistics
10Journal of Arabic Literature  
11Journal of Linguistics
12Journal of the International Phonetics Association
13Language in Society
14Language Teaching
15Language Variation and Change
17Linguist Inquiry
18Middle Eastern Literatures
19Modern Drama
21Perspectives Studies in Translatology
23Studies in Second Language Acquisition
24Translation Studies Abstracts
Department of History & Islamic Civilization :
1British Journal of Middle Eastern studies
2Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
3Historical Research – Oxford
4International Journal of Middle East Studies
5Journal of Contemporary History
6Journal of Islamic Studies    
7Journal of Modern history
8Maghreb Review
9Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Sociology :
1Current Sociology
3International Journal of Sociology
4International Social Work   
5Journal of Criminal Justice Education 
6Journal of Social Work    
7Justice Qurtarly   
8Social Problems
Department of International Relations:​
1Comparative Political Studies
2World Politics