Libraries Mission

The mission of the UOS Libraries is based upon the following: 
  • Supporting  the learning, teaching and research processes through acquiring information resources that fulfill the needs of the university community, including University teaching and administrative staff, and University students.
  • Processing, organizing, arranging, and offering these resources in a manner based upon high library standards and practices.
  • Providing training and learning opportunities for users to enable them to utilize these resources through continuous user teaching and training.
  • Enhancing cooperation and coordination with counterpart institutions to maximize resource sharing.
  • Maintaining qualified and trained library staff to ensure that the library work and service offered is carried out in a manner commensurate with the organizational needs of the academic community of the University of Sharjah.
  • Using on-going job skills development, including training, teaching, and keeping in touch with new trends in the library and information world.

Libraries Vision
Libraries are a center to acquire knowledge and develop creativity by virtue of diverse library resources in different contents and formats. They empower users to discover these resources and effortlessly access them. This requires collaboration with all partners to extend the amount  of knowledge resources accessible for the University community and improving quality of services provided. 

Libraries Goals
  • Library Resources: Acquire various kinds of information resources to support the new and existing needs of  academic programs in learning, teaching and research.
  • Library Services: Provide the university community with high quality and innovative services that fulfill its requirements and meet its high expectations.
  • Library Staff: Recruit library staff that possess skills, knowledge and experience, as well as improve the library staff skills and abilities to provide innovative and outstanding service
  •  User Education: Provide information literacy programs / library skills sessions in different modules, to enable the users to identify, search, locate, evaluate and use the information effectively; as well as update of the user's guide, library tutorials, and databases brochures
  • Access to Library Resources: Maintain quality access to local as well as external resources using the state-of-the-art methodology based on cost effectiveness.
  • Library Environment: Manage the library environment to ensure it is secure and comfortable, encourage access to the library resources
  • IT Infrastructure: Maintain the libraries IT infrastructure, to accommodate new workstations, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and sustain the Internet and wireless networking;  ensure and maintain the availability of the facilities throughout the academic year, without interruption in service
  • Promotion and Marketing: Promote the library services and resources within the university community and increase the library contribution and interaction with the university community
  • Cooperation & Collaboration: Build​ partnerships  with local, regional and international libraries to share knowledge and resources and rationalize expenditures.