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Inspiring and enabling world class research, teaching and learning through the library resources, services and facilities. An influential research library promoting and empowering knowledge creation, exploration and discovery.


University of Sharjah libraries promote education, learning and research at the highest international level of excellence. University Libraries will contribute to the mission by enhancing the rEngage with members with the communities internally and globallyesearch life cycle and student experience.

The university libraries will:

  • Promote the knowledge and use of collection and services.

  • Champion learning experience that stimulate and inspire.

  • Steward library collection, facilities and resources.

  • Provide creative spaces for Engage with members with the communities internally and globallyparticipation and discovery.

  • Embrace a culture of innovation and exploration.

  • Engage with members with the communities internally and globally.

Strategic Goals

  • Enhance Students Learning.

  • Build Excellence in Collection and Information Resources.

  • Accelerate Research, Contribute to Advancing Research and Scholarship.

  • Provide an Exceptional Study and Research Environment.

  • Expand the Library’s Outreach to Community Engagement.

  • Manage University of Sharjah Libraries’ Resources and Financial Transactions in a Transparent and Ethical Manner.

  • Recruit, Develop and Retain the Talented and Diverse Workforce.