Library Facilities
Computer / Internet Labs: Computer Labs at the university of sharjah libraries support  students, faculty and staff by providing access to the campus network, the Internet and to a growing number of web-based educational resources. The networked computers are loaded with a variety of general application programs and connected to networked printers and scanners. Searches can be performed individually or with the help of a Reference Librarian. Search results can be saved, printed, or e-mailed to the users' personal accounts.

Wireless Networking: Wireless Networking is available in all University of Sharjah libraries to allow library patrons to use their own laptops and access the Internet, library catalogs, and other electronic resources.

Printing: Lab computers are connected to networked self-service printer for both black & white and color copies.

Photocopy Services: Self photocopying service through a coin operated photocopy machine is available in all four libraries.

Scanning: Scanners are connected to the networked computers for student use.

Multimedia Rooms: ​ State-of-the-Art multimedia room are equipped with new educational technology and are available for use by students and faculty through reservation at the reference desk.

Listening Stations: Listening Stations for the use of English Language Audios as well as Graded Readers tapes are available.