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copyright policy
​The University of Sharjah Copyright law is derived from the UAE Copyright Law which was first released in 1993. The Copyright Law was published in the Official Gazette of UAE Federal Law No.7 of 2002 regarding Copyright and Related rights.
Although the copyright law applies for a variety of works in many formats, the following Copyright Policy will clarify the rule for using information resources at the library.
Any person who makes an unauthorized copy of library material or irresponsibly uses non-print / electronic resources will be considered as infringing copyright, and may be subjected to legal consequences.

Printed materials
The UAE Copyright Law governs the photocopying of copyrighted materials. Libraries and other non-profit institutions are exempted from the law if the photocopy is to be used for research, scholarship, teaching and studying.
- Copies of printed materials, by individuals, are permitted for their own use or as a request for the instructor’s personal use. Copies are allowed for scholarly use to facilitate research and teaching activities.                                
- Acceptable copying parameters that comply with the Copyright Law
      • ​​A chapter from a book, or multiple excerpts if the total copies are 10% or less of the total length of the book
  • ​An article from a periodical issue or newspaper
  • A short story, short essay, or short poem
  • Copied materials must be submitted with full reference citation
 For Interlibrary Loan
 - UOS libraries have the right to reject any ILL request which may violate the copyright law
 - ​UOS libraries may provide photocopies or scanned documents of library materials, for teaching, studying and  research activities, with adherence to copyright law
 - UOS libraries will be responsible not to request any ILL requests that violate the copyright law

Non-Print / Electronic Information Resources
- All libraries’ non-print / electronic resources are covered by licensing agreements for non-profit use by UOS faculty, students and staff for educational and research purposes. Access to the resources should be at the UOS classes, or library workstations, or via university network, or by restricted user names and passwords
- One copy of the resource is acceptable for archival purposes
- Libraries as non-profit educational institutions may lend the resources, for a non-profit purposes.​