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University Committee for International Relations (UCIR)
​The UCIR is formed by a decision of the Chancellor to assist in the planning and execution of all the activities of the OIR.
1.        Prof. Mohamed MaalejDirector of International Relations, Chair
2.        Prof. Salman Yousuf GurayaClinical Sciences Dept., College of Medicine
3.        Dr. Hassene Haj KacemApplied Biology Dept., College of Sciences
4.        Dr. Tarek Merabtene Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept., College of Engineering
5.        Dr. Talal Bonny  Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., College of Engineering
6.        Dr. Manar Wasif Abu TalibComputer Science Dept., College of Sciences
7.        Dr. Narjes Haj SalemManagement Dept., College of Business Administration
8.        Dr. Abeer Shaheen         Int'l Relations Dept., College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
9.        Dr. Ismail Hussien Ben DouissaIE Dept., Deanship of QA, IE & Accreditation
10.    Dr. Nadia FarhatDirector of EMAG
11.    Ms. Anissa BettayebHead of Academic Computing Section, ITC