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What happens when a compliance concern is raised?

What happens when a compliance concern is raised?

Concerns about compliance with University bylaws and polices will be investigated.  The investigation process includes:

Assigning an investigation team

Experts with right knowledge and objectivity are assigned to investigate issues of concern.

Conducting an investigation

The team determines the facts through interviews and/or review of documents.


The team will provide their report to the Chancellor along with their recommendations as appropriate.

Corrective Actions

The Chancellor will advise the concern department on the implementation of corrective actions as appropriate


The person raising the concern will receive feedback on the outcome.

Penalties for Violations

Employees and leaders who violate the spirit or letter of University bylaws and polices are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Misconduct that may result in disciplinary action includes:

  • Violation of University bylaws or policies
  • Requesting others to violate bylaws or policies
  • Failure to promptly raise a known  or suspected violation of bylaws or policies
  • Retaliation against another employee for reporting a compliance concern
  • Failure to demonstrate leadership and diligence to ensure compliance with University bylaws and policies
The University absolutely prohibits retaliation