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Reporting Compliance Concerns
The University of Sharjah is committed to operating with integrity and in full compliance of all applicable laws, regulations and policies. The University sets expectations of the highest standards for ethical conduct and is committed to upholding its reputation as one of the top academic and research institutions in the region.  

​Compliance Concerns Examples: 

  • Violation of bylaws & regulations
  • Violation of Policies & Code of Conduct
  • Request to/from others to violate bylaws/polices
  • Failure to raise a known concern about the violation of the Code of Conduct, bylaws or policies
  • Failure to cooperate in compliance investigations
  • Retaliation against an employee who reports a concern
  • Misuse of University property/resources
  • Failure to demonstrate leadership and diligence to ensure compliance with University policies and applicable bylaws
Non-Compliance Concerns Examples: 

  • A disappointing annual performance review
  • A manager who raises his/her voice
  • Being transferred to another job
  • Workspace issues, e.g. parking spaces, bathroom cleanliness etc.…
  • Not receiving a promotion
  • Low salary or no increase in salary
  • Lack of necessary equipment to perform a job
  • Termination for 'bad' work performance
  • Working conditions, e.g. work hours, meal breaks, etc.…