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Vice Assistant's Welcome

Vision :
A leading and distinguished educational institution that believes in positive change, authentic values and a contemporary vision.


Massage :
One of the main goals of the University is to harness human and material capabilities to promote the employee's functional and scientific performance according to Superior quality and excellence standards in an attractive professional environment.

Also, to participate effectively in the Society.

Strategic plan :
  • Create An integrated and advanced database for all staff.
  • Collaboration between Academic and Administrative staff  to share experiences that support joint goals.
  • Supporting University activities and events to achieve desired goals.
  • seek and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships with sectors of society.
  • promoting knowledge and benefits of continuing education in educational and civil society organization .
  • Exchange purposeful-periodic visits with active and supporting organization.
  • Try to overcome administrative and Academic obstacles.
  • UOS recognizes the instrumental role parents play in ensuring their child engages fully in university life, as well as meeting their academic potential.
  • Preparing scientific and educational studies and researches to support the educational process.

Our Values :
  • Loyalty, to our country and our leader.
  • Cooperation and harmony.
  • Initiative, ambition and dedication.
  • Quality and Excellence.
  • Team work.
  • Seriousness and perseverance.
  • Credibility and transparency.
  • Confidentiality
  • Self-development

Dr. Ali Obaid Al Zaabi
Deputy ACBA for Financial and Administrative Affairs-KhorFakkan