Resources & Facilities
​There are a number of resources and facilities at the University of Sharjah branch in Kalba. The resources and facilities serve as an enhancement to the teaching activities and enrich student life at the university.

  • The library
    The library at the branch that has numerous reference facilities. Also students can use the online facilities of the library.
  • Mock court of law
    A sample court of law is available for students to conduct their practice while studying for a degree in law.
  • Video conferencing room
    A state of the art video conferencing room is available for graduate students to attend courses given at the main campus of the university.
  • Auditorium
    The Branch is equipped with a state of the art auditorium with full lighting and computer facilities. It is open for the use of the university and the community.
  • Dorms
    The University of Sharjah provides suitable accommodation to all students from inside and outside the country. There are locations for female student residences on campus.
  • The residences have accommodation for double room with bathroom and kitchen.
    The contain dorms reading rooms, laundries, TV rooms, reception rooms for guests, and computer labs. All buildings are supervised by specialists. The dormitory provides the students with the facilities possible and an atmosphere that is conducive to academic achievement through a qualified staff supervising all the affairs of the dormitory​​​