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Value Added TAX (“VAT”)

Date: 28 December 2017

Dear Students,

Subject: Value Added TAX ("VAT")

As of 01st January 2018, Federal Government of the UAE is introducing VAT, from this date VAT will apply to most goods and services supplied in the UAE at the standard rate of 5% except where a supply is specifically zero rated or exempt under the VAT law.  

To be compliant with the VAT law, our services will be subject to the following:

Sr. No.DescriptionRateRemarks
1.      Tuition fees0No VAT is applicable
2.      Application Fees0No VAT is applicable
3.      Student Accommodation fees 0No VAT is applicable
4.      Services such as Transfer of college, major, Toefl Exam, transcripts etc0No VAT is applicable

other charges


5% wherever applicable VAT will be charged @5%


Please note that the services listed are not exhaustive, if you wish to discuss any of the matters in further detail, please feel free to contact us at vatquestions@sharjah.ac.ae

Your sincerely,



University of Sharjah