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Tuition And Housing Fees

1. Tuition Fees
Tuition fees, Yearly, by semester and per credited hour for registered student for the academic year 2016-2017.

​Colleges ​​ ​ ​Tuition For Fall and Spring SemestersFees per Credit Hour- Summer course
Semester FeesAnnual FeesCredit Hour

College of Sharia Islamic Studies

College of Law20,02240,0441,6691,080
College of Arts18,57837,1561,5481,031
College of sciences23,21946,4381,9351,262
​Petroleum geosciences & Remote Sensing​25,000​50,000​2,083
College of Masscommunication25,70051,4002,1421,262
College of Business mgmt25,02750,0542,0861,367
College of Engineering25,02750,0542,0861,367
College of Eng -Architecture  Sustainable&Renewable Energy 27,42554,8502,2861,367
Nuclear Engineering27,56355,1252,2971,367
College of Health Sciences24,54249,0842,0451,339
College of Fine Arts23,44446,8881,9541,252
الدبلوم المهني في التدريس 
High Diploma
College of Human Medicine 102,424 1,483
College of Dintistry 99,544 1,483
College of Pharmacy26,57153,1422,2141,423
Foundation Year of Medical College24,50349,0062,0421,483
درجة الماجستير (ماعدا الطب)/الساعة
Graduate Studies
درجة الماجستير(الطب الجزيئي)/الساعة
Graduate Studies
درجة الدكتوراه(الفقه وأصوله +الشريعة)/الساعة
Graduate Studies
درجة الدكتوراه(الطب الجزيئي)/الساعة
Graduate Studies
PHD in Applied Sociology ​​5,800
​MSc in Biotechnology ​2,900
Master in Business Administration ​​2,724
College of Arts / English Level14,78529,570 8,258
Community College_Admin Scinces13,37426,7481,1151,080
Community College_Health Scinces24,31148,6212,0261,340
 كلية المجتمع - الأرشفة الالكترونية          Community Collage    13,78127,5631,1481,080
درجة الدكتوراه (الادارة الهندسية)/الساعة
Graduate Studies
درجة الماجستير(القيادة في التعليم الطبي)/الساعة
Graduate Studies

Visiting Student

Tuition fee for Visiting student will be Charged a fee of AED 2283 per Credit hrs.

Tuition for the Residency Year in the College of Dental Medicine
Tuition for the residency year for graduates in the College of Dental Medicine at the University is (AED31,500) annually.
Tuition for the residency year for graduates in dentistry from other universities is (AED42,000) annually.

Mechanism of Calculating the tuition fee

  • 1 – 11 Credits hrs = as per Credit hrs 
  • 12 -16 credit hrs = Lump sum tuition fee
  • Above 16 credits hrs = Lump sum tuition fee + additional hrs

2- Housing Fees
Housing fees / yearly and by semester ( for the bachelor students only)

UOS DORMSAnnualSemesterSummer
Special Single16,168.00 8,084.00 3,742.00
Special Normal13,954.00 6,977.00 2,689.00
Special Double7,733.00 3,866.00 1,793.00
Normal Double6,199.00 3,100.00 1,436.00
Triple4,655.00 2,327.00 1,075.00
UH DORMSSingle Deluxe28,080.00 14,040.00 6,480.00
Double Deluxe8,316.00 4,158.002,376.00


Internal Housing Policy:

  • A deposit of 1000 AED is paid advance; the student is fully refunded this deposit in the      event evacuation without any losses.
  • 25% of the total room fee shall be paid advance, the remaining amount will  be completed during the semester.
  • 25% of  reservation fee for all Dorms, Non –refundable In case of withdrawal or non-enrolment.
  • If the student withdraw from Internal Housing during the first month of accommodation, the student is fined 25% of the fees.
  • If the student withdraw from Internal Housing during the second month of accommodation, the student is fined 50% of the fees.
  • If the student  withdrawal from Internal Housing after two months, the student is not refunded any part of the fees.
  • All Master's and Internship students (except teaching assistants) pay the Internal Housing fees + 50% Additional as well.