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Guidelines for Discounts

Undergraduate Student

High School Discount

§ The University provides a 50% discount for semester tuition fees (for the first semester only – the semester that the student joins the University) to students who obtain an average of 90% or more in high school. (As reviewed By Admission dept.)

§ This discount is applicable to all colleges but does not apply to students on full scholarships and transfer student.

§ College of Fine Arts is eligible for only 25% discount on total annual tuition fee.

§ The University reserves the right to withdraw or change the discount rate for any or all semesters.

Distinction Discount

§ The Distinguished Student Discount is an incentive discount provided by the University to encourage outstanding students to continue performing with distinction at the University. The University reserves the right to withhold this scholarship during any semester.

§ Excluded from this discount, the College of Graduate Studies and Research and students enrolled in IEP programs.

§ The Student in the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Fine Arts receive Distinction Discount based on the current year percentage.

§ To receive the Distinguished Student Discount, with the exception of students in the Colleges of Medicine and Fine Arts, students are required to enroll in at least (15) credit hours or 15 Billing Hours per semester.

§ Students are not permitted to obtain a Refund against the Distinction discount and it is not provided to graduates or students who are withdrawing from UOS

GPA Criteria for Distinction Discount

TERM GPA (TGPA or per Semester GPA) Percentage of Discount on Tuition Fee
3.95 - 4.00 50%
3.90 - 3.94 40%
3.80 - 3.89 30%

College of Medicine, Dentistry.


Annual Year TGPA in percentage Percentage of Discount on Annual Tuition Fee
95 - 100 40%


College of Fine Arts

TERM GPA (TGPA or per Semester GPA) Percentage of Discount on Tuition Fee
94.92 & Above 40%
92.46 –  94.91 30%
90  –  92.45 25%

Siblings Discount

§ The brothers' discount is limited to one brother (1 per family) regardless of the number of siblings studying at the university

§ Copy of student ID cards is required for Sibling Discount.

§ If one of the siblings is no longer registered in a given semester, the other sibling forfeits his/her discount.

§ The discount is decreased or increased depending upon the course schedule for each sibling in case of dropping or adding courses.

§ This discount is not provided automatically to students and will only applied upon their request

§ The discount is not applicable to students in the College of Graduate Studies, Research, internship & residency program (Dentistry collage).

College of Nursing Discount

Please click the Below Link


College of Sciences Discount

Please click the Below Link


Maximum Discount from UOS will be 50% of their tuition fee per semester

Graduate Student

UOS Alumni Association Membership

·       Discount is eligible for those who have studied their Undergraduate studies in the University of Sharjah, and are studying their Graduate studies in the university as well.

·       Discount is applied to the student once a copy of their alumni card has been presented to the scholarship section along with their Graduate students ID number.


UOS Doctorate

·       Students of years before 2017 benefit from the 50% discount for the first semester and the discount continues if their GPAs fall within the categories addressed in the table below.

·       Students admitted from Fall 2017/2018 and beyond benefit from a 30% discount if their GPAs in their Master's degree is of 3.6 and above, and if their GPAs during the semesters of their doctorate program is of 3.6 and above.

·       This can be seen in the table below.


Years before 2017 25% - GPA 3.00 - 3.39
  50% - GPA 3.40 - 4.00
Year 2017 and above 0% - GPA below 3.6
  30% - GPA of 3.6 and above