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  • Registration Instructions

Admission Requirements
General Admission Requirements
All applicants must satisfy the following basic admission requirements:
  1. Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average no more than three years prior to joining the University. 
  2. The applicant should not have been expelled from any institution for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  3. Applicants should indicate their order of preference for majors on the application form.
  4. Applicants are accepted in different majors according to the student’s preference and her/his grade average and depending on the capacity of each major.
  5. Applicants should complete and submit the application form and required documents to the Admissions Department by the stated deadlines and pay the application fee of AED 300.
  6. Meeting the secondary education grade requirements as well as other admission requirements, and submitting the application, paying the application fees & receiving an ID number does not in any way mean that an applicant is admitted to the University​. Students are required to pay a reservation fee after meeting specific criteria on a competitive basis, in accordance with University policy.  Student reservation fees are nonrefundable if the student withdraws or does not enroll in the University, and are applied toward tuition fees if the student enrolls in his/her program.
  • Student will not be issued an ID or allowed to register in courses unless the admission file is complete.

 Academic Qualifications:
  • A student applying to join the UoS must have completed her/his secondary education and have had at least 12 years of schooling prior to the date of application.
  • The applicant should have graduated from a school licensed and recognized by the Ministry of Education in the  UAE, and must submit a certified copy of the secondary school certificates, with a grade script certified by the school and the Ministry of Education or the Education Zone in the UAE.
  • An applicant who attended school outside the UAE should be a graduate of a school recognized by the official education authority in the country of study. Certificates submitted must be authenticated by the Education Authority in the country of study, such as the Ministry of Education, Boards of Education, or the British Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country, then the relevant Embassy of the United Arab Emirates or the Embassy of the Country in the UAE, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

Holders of Certificates of Secondary Education or its Equivalent (Science or Literature Sections):
Students who hold a secondary education certificate from a recognized school may apply for admission to one of the Diploma programs, in accordance with the conditions and standards set by the university, within the limits of its capacity and according to the following provisions:
  • A minimum average of 60% (Scientific Section) is required for admission to science majors in the Community college.
  • A minimum average of 60% (Literary or Scientific Section) is required for admission to literature majors in the Community College.
  • A minimum average of 65% (Literary Section) is required for admission to the (Information Technology, Food Safety, Environmental Health & Safety) majors in the Community College.
Note: Fulfilling the above minimum average requirements does not guarantee admission to a program. These requirements represent a threshold for including the application in the competition pool.
Holders of Certificates of Secondary Education from a Foreign Country and/or System: 
A. (High School Diploma) or its equivalent (The International Baccalaureate):
An applicant who holds a High School Diploma (American system) or its equivalent may be admitted upon meeting the following conditions:
  • The student has completed 12 years of study.
  • The certificate is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.
  • The student must have studied 6 courses in the fields of Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, and Languages with English as the language of instruction.
  • The Diploma study track (Literature or Science) is determined on the basis of the courses studied in the 12th year (two Science and one Mathematics subjects constitute a Science Track).
  • The UoS may award up to (12) credit hours for students who have successfully achieved a grade of (5) or higher in specific subjects of the IB Higher-Level Examination, and will be given substitute courses instead.

B.  British Certificates (IGCSE, GCSE, GCE):
An applicant who holds a British certificate of secondary education may be admitted if he/she meets the following requirements:
  • Has completed 12 years of study by the time she/he has finished secondary education and must provide proof thereof.
  • The highest 7 grades obtained will be considered as follows:
    • A minimum grade of C in 5 O-Level subjects, and minimum grade of D in 2 AS-Level subjects or
    • A minimum grade  of C in 6 O-Level subjects and a minimum grade of E in one A-Level subject
    • The courses should cover at least four areas of study: Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Fine Arts & Design, and Languages.
  • For an applicant to be considered as a graduate of the Science Track in secondary educations she/he must have successfully studied at least 2 Science and one Mathematics subjects at O-Level and AS-Level or A-Level.
  • The UoS may award up to (12) credits for students who have successfully achieved a grade of (C) or better in specific A-Level subjects, and will be given Substitute Courses instead. 

 Important General Notes: 
  1. Students shall fill in the application form personally, and be responsible for the accuracy of the information filled therein. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Students are responsible for completing all admission procedures by the specified deadlines, in accordance with the instructions of the Admissions Office as announced in the academic calendar. The University is not responsible for applications not completed by students on time, which might reflect negatively on their enrollment at the University. All students are required to visit the University’s website (www.sharjah.ac.ae) to learn about the dates and locations of the TOEFL test, as well as to see their results.
  3. Reservation seat fees are nonrefundable if the student withdraws or does not enroll in the University, and are applied toward tuition fees if the student enrolls in his/her program.
  4. Admission is granted for the semester to which the student is applying. A student’s admission will be cancelled if the student does not enroll in the same semester as when the application has been submitted. 
  5. New students are permitted to postpone admission for a maximum of two semester after paying the required fees and submitting all required forms to the Admission Office.
  6. The University does not accept the submission of the original High School Certificate. Students are required to provide copies certified by the proper authorities.
  7. All documents submitted for admission to the University are considered the property of the University. Students are not permitted to request any documents from their personal file once submitted to a staff member.
  8. The University is not responsible for scholarship applications. Students are required to contact sponsors on their own.
  9. Applications received after the admission period will not be considered.
  10. The University reserves the right to increase the fees every year.
  11. Students shall abide by all other University r​equirements.