• Admission Open for Fall Semester 2019-2018

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  • Creative English Writing

  • Jobs at University of Sharjah

  • 1st international conference of UOS branches

  1. Managing and supervising the issuance of work visas for all faculty members and administrators, as well as their families; coordinating with the Naturalization and Residency Administration.
  2. Managing and supervising the issuance of visit visas for all official university guests who participate in any activity or event that takes place at the University of Sharjah.
  3. Assisting all faculty members and administrators in the acquisition of official documents such as health insurance cards, Emirates ID cards, and driving licenses.
  4. Managing the process of the acquisition of Emirates ID cards, and coordinating with concerned parties for medical testing.
  5. Coordinating with security officials to acquire security clearance for each new university employee. 
  6. Completing all the paperwork concerning license renewals for the University of Sharjah Hospital and the University of Sharjah Daycare.
  7. Supervising all the Passport Unit's employees; carrying out performance appraisals on a ​​yearly basis.
  8. Completing all tasks required by senior management at the University of Sharjah.