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The Department of Public Relations is considered a key link between the colleges, departments and centers at the University of Sharjah and the public, both inside and outside the country, and serves to promote the vital role of the University. Accordingly, the role of public relations has grown significantly, along with the increasing importance of the University and its hosting of increasing numbers of diverse visitors and dignitaries. The tasks and responsibilities in the area of public relations have increased on a number of administrative and technical levels, in addition to the department's basic functions of making arrangements and preparing program schedules for the organization of cultural gatherings of all sorts. These arrangements require providing information and data about the University, its services and current and future development projects as well as providing this information to those concerned.

The Department of Public Relations also collaborates to provide publications that reflect the nature of the University's services and activities. Our cooperation extends to strengthening relations with different agencies and their representatives and informing various concerned community entities about the accomplishments of the University of Sharjah.


Excellence and leadership in providing public relations services, according to the highest international standards of quality.


The Department of Public Relations seeks to be:  the University's interface with the community; a link between the University and its internal public, including employees and students; a tool to achieve strong and distinctive relations between the University Administration and the outside public, including institutions and various sectors of the community; and an important source of management, which aims to create a positive impression, image, and reputation of the University through the functions and tasks with which it is commissioned.


1. Transparency.

2. Strength.

3.  Partnership.

4.  Expediency.


1. Building mutual trust between the Department of Public Relations and the internal public, including departments, centers and colleges, and raising awareness among staff by familiarizing them with their roles and the importance of these roles at the University in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

2. Assisting the University in implementing its policies towards internal and external communities in order to achieve its objectives and mission, which includes explaining and clarifying all policies, plans, and guidance; identifying the role of accomplishments; and providing advice and consultation to the Higher Administration on issues and situations facing the University and/or related to its future policies and plans.

3. Raising awareness of the Department of Public Relations, and familiarizing staff with their roles and the importance of these roles at the University, providing continuous training and evaluation and recruiting distinguished and competent staff to work in the department.

4. Enhancing the reputation and image of the University through positively promoting the University, increasing its reputation, raising its profile in the community among other institutions, authorities and organizations; and gathering information from the external community relevant to the University.

5. Increasing emphasis on the public, their satisfaction with services and their feedback.

6. Improving relations with the public and providing the best services, especially with regard to handling complaints.