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The Public Relations Department connects all University of Sharjah's faculties, departments and centers to each other as well as to the community within and outside the UAE. It highlights the University's lively cultural identity. The role of this department becomes more crucial as the university community and network grow. The department has a wide variety of administrative and technical tasks besides the basic tasks pertaining to scheduling and organization various cultural events. The department also conducts internal surveys about the university and its services and developmental projects and submits this data to concerned parties.

The Public Relations Department also coordinates with publishing houses upon issuing many publications that present the university's programs, activities and services. It keeps the community updated with University of Sharjah's major accomplishments.

We aim at maintaining a department characterized by excellence. Our output and services meet world-class quality standards.

The Public Relations Department is the University's gateway to the community and a connecting point between the university and its internal and external community. We project the University's positive image and impressive reputation through our services.

  • Transparency
  • Development
  • Collaboration
  • Timeliness
Our Objectives
  1. Promoting shared trust between the Public Relations Department and the internal community through raising awareness among staff and familiarizing them with the importance of their role at the University of Sharjah in order to improve their output.
  2. Helping the university accomplish its objectives by clarifying all policies, plans and directions, distributing tasks, and offering consultations regarding all cases pertaining to the university and its future plans.
  3. Training Public Relations Department staff continuously, evaluating output, and attracting experts to join this department.
  4. Projecting the university's positive image, familiarizing more social segments (organizations and institutions) with the impressive status of University of Sharjah, and collecting information about external parties for the ‚ÄčUniversity of Sharjah administration.