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Director's Welcome
The Public Relations Department's strategy within the new vision resulted in major improvements. This strategy involved:
  • taking global standards into consideration and carrying out operations accordingly. This results in an improved output.
  • Adopting a general focus on quality, especially when it comes to services offered to all parties. We work to maintain this office's excellent output.
  • Using global technologies in operations
  • Promoting personal initiative among staff
  • Participating effectively in the decision making process at the university
  • Guaranteeing satisfaction among all parties involved in the Department's services and listening to their feedback.
  • Improving relationships with the community and offering them the best services, especially when it comes to dealing with complaints.

    The role of the Public Relations Department is important on all levels, and this gives it a special status which enables it to accomplish its strategic goals. The department's success contributes to the accomplishment of the mission of the University of Sharjah.

    As it offers a wide variety of high-quality services to the whole community, the Public Relations Department is now one of the most active departments at the university. This department maintains a database of high profile individuals from within and outside the University of Sharjah.

    We work on promoting a sense of team spiritand of belonging to the university​. Our staff work on the basis of mutual trust. Our growing network includes all university departments and administrations as well as external organizations and institutions. Our operations involve the participation of our internal and external community in the University of Sharjah's celebrations and activities. We organize official events and deal with any difficulties that the university community experiences.

    We communicate with internal and external parties in order to further expand our network and better serve our community. Our highly qualified experts are dedicated to applying the University of Sharjah strategy. We conduct​ surveys in order to provide the university with needed statistics.

    We believe in the importance of our role at the university.

    Khaled Alraboy

Director of Public Relations