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The Department of Human Resources (HR) serving University faculty members and staff members. Our website is designed to provide you with information on the types of services offered by HR and those which may be beneficial to University employees.

The Department of Human Resources (HRD) at the University of Sharjah deals with the faculty and administrative staff affairs, through the application of procedures which contribute to the attainment of the university's objectives and the implementation of its policies.

HRD provides various university units with qualified faculty and staff. In addition, it creates a positive work environment through the simplification of procedures for the services provided.

A department that has the potential of recruiting appropriate people and develop their skills and abilities while maintaining their job satisfaction and loyalty at high levels.

Recruiting qualified human resources (Emiratis and expatriates) who have experiences and skills that contribute to the institutional goals

Assessing the needs of the University for human resources (faculty and administrative staff members) and creating plans and programs to ensure the timely provision of outstandingly qualified people.

Tasks and Responsibilities
-    Implementing approved policies, regulations and plans regarding the personnel (faculty and administrative staff members) throughout the University and keeping them up-to-date.
-    Implementing and developing HR policies (including short-term strategic plans) with the aim of staffing the University with qualified and experienced professionals.

-    Preparing and developing career advancement plans and programs in order to reduce employee turnover and attract qualified people

-    Preparing, updating and developing job descriptions for all the positions at the University (through coordination with the concerned units).

-    Implementing Emiratization plans for the positions at the University units.

-    Activating the regular performance appraisal procedures  for the University employees