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Director's Welcome

We at the Department of Human Resources at the University of Sharjah have bold objectives, a clear vision and confidence in ourselves and the leadership of the University. We rely upon our HR staff to deliver our mission as we endeavor to create an environment which allows all at the University to add value to the work they undertake.

The Department of Human Resources aims for its work to be comprehensive and on-going. It focuses on achieving success and building a high level of pride and loyalty at the University.

The Department of Human Resources has well-developed procedures in place for implementing policies, which have been learned from our own experience and the experience of others. We take what we view as beneficial and develop and build upon it so that our administration and the University can improve.

The HR Department continually studies means and methods for rewarding University employees so that it may safeguard the University's most important resource. To this end, HR works to provide a number of rewards and incentives.

W​e in the Department of Human Resources at the University of Sharjah are proud of our work and of serving a progressive and firmly grounded institution. Most of all, we are proud to be a part of the success of the University and to be a department which attracts individuals of the highest caliber from around the world to join the University.

Shaikha Al-Naqbi
Director of Human Resources Department​