• Admission Open for Fall Semester 2019-2018

  • UAE Hackathon winners from University of Sharjah

  • Creative English Writing

  • Jobs at University of Sharjah

  • 1st international conference of UOS branches

Strategic Aims


  • Undertaking partnerships and concluding agreements and memorandums of understanding with sponsoring organizations for University activities.
  • Supporting University activities and events and funding them by providing sponsorships obtained from UAE institutions and companies.
  • Compiling a comprehensive database of sponsoring institutions and donors in the UAE.
  • Convening workshops and symposia to acquaint interested parties with the aims of the Center.
  • Exchanging periodic visits with sponsoring organizations and University partners.
  • Showcasing in the various media the role and efforts of sponsoring organizations and featuring the privileges and benefits associated with sponsoring organizations.
  • Preparing studies and statistical analyses to demonstrate the job market demand for specializations offered by the University.
  • Endeavoring to open new channels for attracting both financial and material sponsorships.
  • Aiding students and parents in confronting the costs of basic education so that students may achieve their educational and career goals.