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Provide high quality, timely and considerate services to internal and external parties to ensure a successful educational experience in a healthy teaching and learning environment.


The mission of the Registration Department as a unit of the Deanship of Academic Support Services contributes to the mission of the University of Sharjah by securing and maintaining the accuracy and integrity of records related to students, degrees and courses.

Core Values

The Registration Department mission is led by the following core values:


1-    Responsiveness
Listen and respond to students, faculty members, and other entities' needs in a timely manner, making sure their requirements are fulfilled. Taking steps to improve the quality of services produced and establishing plans to ensure the satisfaction of all parties.


2-    Integrity
Promote ethical standards, honesty, fairness and accountability, ensuring that all students, faculty members and other entities are treated professionally and ethically.


3-    Accuracy
Ensure the correctness of procedures and transactions implemented on student records, and the accuracy of the outcomes in compliance with University of Sharjah's by-laws and regulations.


4-    Communication
Communicate updates on by-laws, rules, regulations and instructions to students, faculty members and other parties to avoid the misunderstanding that leads to undesirable consequences.


5-    Technology
Utilize the technology to simplify student-related and staff-related processes. Implement new solutions to better improve daily operations, enhance effectiveness, efficiency and work quality.


1.    Student Registration: Supervise and manage all administrative and operational functions related to registration for all Diploma, BSc, MSc and PhD programs according to the yearly and semester systems' regulations. This includes all university branches in Dhaid, Kalba, Khorfakan, Debba and Meliha in addition to the main branch in Sharjah.


2.    Academic Records: Ensure the reliability, accuracy, and security of student academic records. This includes the academic records of current students as well as graduated students.


3.    Students under Probation: Review and apply decisions on students who are under probation and students who are subject to dismissal.


4.    Degrees, Curriculums, and Study Planning: Define new programs, maintain up-to-date study plans and ensure that all degree titles are in compliance with the Ministry of Education accreditation protocols.

5.    Class and Final Examination Scheduling: Coordinate with colleges to offer the required courses and sections for newly admitted, continuous, and expected to graduate students and prepare final examination schedules to ensure proper utilization and efficient use of classrooms and resources.


6.    Graduation: Nominate students for graduation after verifying their graduation requirements, provide internal and external parties with the lists of students expected to graduate, and apply graduation decisions and dates of completion on students' records.


7.    Scholarship Services: Facilitate the procedures of sponsored students by coordinating among students and their sponsors, funding agencies, authorities and consulate attaché and ensure effective implementation of the rules and regulations provided by them.


8.    Student Information System Management: Provide clear, accurate and concise technical audit and review reports to support quality assurance processes at the Registration Department and ensure that Students Information System (SIS) Database is well defined, regularly and timely updated and properly secured including access policies and procedure, report extraction and definition of statistical parameters.

9.    Information and Statistics: Provide routine as well as upon-request statistical reports to support management in decision-making. Provide reports to colleges on issues related to teaching and learning, academic advising, funding and scholarship, graduating students and alumni.

10.  Training and Staff Development: Provide sufficient training for employees in the Registration Department, in colleges and in different branches to produce tangible results, support daily tasks and accelerate work.

11.  Research and Development: Participate in research related to teaching and learning, which is based on data available in SIS database and take part in conferences and workshops related to improving registration processes.