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Institutional Research
The Institutional Research Unit (IRU) plays a pivotal role in assessing institutional effectiveness by gathering relevant data from all University units and performing extensive analysis and periodical reporting to facilitate data-driven strategic decisions.
The mission of the Institutional Research Unit is to support planning, decision-making and assessment. It is a service oriented unit that provides information for policy and management decisions for campus academic units, administrative units, and students and proposes alternative solutions to support the decision-making process. We also serve as an official point-of-contact for campus statistics.
Scope of Responsibility
The scope of the Unit's responsibility is University-wide. The Unit provides official reporting to the entire University community including the Board of Trustees, the Colleges and their departments, and other academic and administrative units. The Unit also assumes the responsibility of generating and supervising the development of official University data reports.
The objectives of the IRU include:
  • Collecting, analyzing, distributing, and assisting in the use of information about the University’s students, alumni, faculty, and staff. 
  • Assisting in the analysis, interpretation, organization and maintenance of institutional data for decision-making and planning.
  • Distributing standard and customary information in both traditional and electronic formats.
  • Providing specific information required for program review as well as studies and reports requested by colleges, departments, and other administrative units.
  • Analyzing and disseminating periodical reports on the activities of the University’s units, programs and services.
  • Using standard performance indicators, related to students, staff, research, and finance to assess and compare University of Sharjah characteristics and performance nationally and internationally.


Pervasiveness of Institutional Effectiveness:
The Office of Institutional Research coordinates with all programs at the University.  Each program performs a detailed evaluation of its effectiveness using a variety of assessment tools. Results of these assessments are used to establish actions intended to improve program(s). Program assessment results and correlated action plans are forwarded to the Office of Institutional Research on a yearly basis for analysis, thereby allowing for appropriate modifications in institutional resources, programs and services.