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Procurement Department:
As one of the most important departments at the University, this department works for the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment, and services necessary for the operation of the University. The purpose of the Procurement Department in every transaction is the best value possible; a combination of price, quality, reliability, service, and delivery terms.

Travel & Catering Section:
This section provides bookings for employees and staff on University business as well as University guests (scientists, academics, and officials) who visit it, especially to attend conferences and seminars held by the university. In addition, the section has the responsibility for the management of the catering contractor for food service facilities in accordance with the set objectives of the University in terms of cost, quality, quantity and proper hygiene. For catering request, please fill the Catering Request Form and send it to email: aalsuwaidi@sharjah.ac.ae or kalserkal@sharjah.ac.ae
Support Services Section: 
Support Services Section: Provision of administrative services such as Photocopy Machines, Vending Machines, stamps, name plates and business cards. Request can be directly submitted to email: salshehhi@sharjah.ac.ae
Contracts Section:
This section deals with all kinds of contracts such as rental contracts and services contracts for all the University. The duty of this section is mainly to develop and apply efficient high standards contracts that will increase the level of the services that are provided to the University. 
Store section:
This section handles the reception, storage and delivery of furniture, equipment, office needs and other goods. The store personnel follow a method which enables them to maintain the stock at its most viable economic levels, provide effective storage and handling procedures, apply proper internal control systems and determine sufficient time for requesting any of the items in stock. Besides handling the inventory, the section is responsible for disposing of used and damaged products and​ furniture. To contact the manager, please email to Mr. Hafiz Elhewairis : elhewairis@sharjah.ac.ae