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Our Team
Name Designation Email
Hussam Saleh Acting Director of ITC hsaleh@sharjah.ac.ae
Dalia Koraiem Adminstrative Assistant dkoraiem@sharjah.ac.ae
Kazi Ahmed Ullah Office Attendant  -
Academic Computing Services
Anissa Bettayeb Head of ACS anissa@sharjah.ac.ae
Ola Ibrahim Sadeq Web Content Specialist osadeq@sharjah.ac.ae
Mustafa Muhammad Malik Web Designer mmalik@sharjah.ac.ae
Wasi ur rehman khan Web Administrator Specialist wkhan@sharjah.ac.ae
Raghad Mohd Omar Nihlawi Instructional Technologies Support rnihlawi@sharjah.ac.ae
Infrastructure and Operations
Husam Saleh Head of Operations & Infrastructure hsaleh@sharjah.ac.ae
Essam Hassan Senior Telecom Administrator essam@sharjah.ac.ae
Husam Radi System Administrator hradi@sharjah.ac.ae
Abdul Latheef System Administrator latheef@sharjah.ac.ae
Ayman Bowaihel Network Engineer abowaihel@sharjah.ac.ae
Adil Ibrahim Network Engineer a.ibrahim@sharjah.ac.ae
Ma'moun Al Sarrawi Telecom Technician alsarawi@sharjah.ac.ae
Adil Osama Database Administrator oadil@sharjah.ac.ae
Syed Salman Hussain Database Administrator salman@sharjah.ac.ae
Management Information Systems
Anas Musameh Acting Head, Oracle Developer amusameh@sharjah.ac.ae
Mohamad Yahya Computer System Administrator yahya_omar@sharjah.ac.ae
Hasan Abu Mallouh Oracle Developer habumallouh@sharjah.ac.ae
Eman Abu sidu Computer System Administrator esidu@sharjah.ac.ae
Enas Khalil Software Analyst enas@sharjah.ac.ae
IT Support and Training
Mohannad Nassar  Head of  User Support & Training mnassar@sharjah.ac.ae
Shahab Uddin Qureshi IT Services Coordinator shahab@sharjah.ac.ae
Mohammad Khair User Support malrazeq@sharjah.ac.ae
Yaseen Hilal User Support youdeh@sharjah.ac.ae
Hussam Saeed Al Bayouk User Support hsaeed@sharjah.ac.ae
Aisha Abdullah User Support aisha-1@sharjah.ac.ae
Jaseena Safiya Mohd. User Support jsafiya@sharjah.ac.ae
Majida Al Ameri User Support malameri@sharjah.ac.ae
Omaima El Maki User Support oelmaki@sharjah.ac.ae
Assem Shraitah User Support (Medical Colleges) ashraitah@sharjah.ac.ae
Esra Al Hasan User Support (Medical Colleges) emhassan@sharjah.ac.ae
Al Reem Salman User Support (Medical Colleges) asalman@sharjah.ac.ae
Khaled Bin Sayeed IT Helpdesk  kbinsayeed@sharjah.ac.ae
Ronald Deleon San Jose Classroom Technologies Technician rsanjose@sharjah.ac.ae
Dominador Carreon Classroom Technologies Technician dregindin@sharjah.ac.ae
Bladymerik Hizon Classroom Technologies Technician bhizon@sharjah.ac.ae
Subair Beeravu Classroom Technologies Technician sbeeravu@sharjah.ac.ae
Rolin Andus Classroom Technologies Technician rindus@sharjah.ac.ae