The Information Technology Center provides centralized IT support to the University of Sharjah community. We provide an e-learning platform which enables online instructor-friendly course management and student-centric learning environment. F​ull support and consultancy is provided to the current ERP solutions available to the administrative units in the University.
Vision & Mission
The Vision of the IT Center:
"Information Technology Center (IT Center) aspire to enable the University of Sharjah to become a Digital University using IT to promote and facilitate learning and research, for management support and electronic workflow, and for process simplification and innovation. ITC commits to be creative and vigilant in seeking advanced technology solutions that contribute to the accomplishment of the University's mission"

The Mission of the IT Center:
"The mission of the Information Technology Center is to provide the latest technology infrastructure for the administration of the University as well as for academic activities. This includes the provision for networks, inter-university links and appropriate hardware and software for administration and academic needs. The Information Technology Center also insures that the technological infrastructure is used effectively. For this purpose, among others, the Center assumes a significant role in user support and training."