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Fall - Spring 2011-2012 - Instructional Technologies Training Programs
Under the directives of the Deanship of Academic Support Services, the Instructional Technologies Team, part of the IT Center at UOS, conducted Instructional Technologies Training Programs across the Fall and Spring Semesters 2011/2012. Spring Semester Training sessions have been conducted on the new release of Blackboard (Blackboard 9.1) and covered the new features of the release, course building and assignment tools. Over 80 faculty members attended the open presentation and Lab workshops, which were bilingual.
The Program aims to raise the interaction and performance of the faculty in using the system and raising the level of interactive learning in delivering knowledge.
Mashups, Wikis, BLOGS and JOURNALS. These features are of the interest to many blackboard users at UOS and enable instructors to build their courses much more easily than before.
Spring 2010-2011 - Instructional Technologies Training Programs
Under the directives of the Deanship of Academic Support Services, the Academic Computing Services Section, part of the IT Center at UOS conducted the Instructional Technologies Training Program across the Fall and Spring 2010 2011 semesters catering to over 200 faculty members either via Lab workshops or through video conference to the remote branches with high levels of satisfaction from the attendees. Trainings have been conducted on Blackboard release 8 course building, Blackboard Learn 9 course building, assessment and advanced tools, in addition to Quiz development and courseware authoring.
March 2010 - Training sessions on BLACKBOARD SafeAssign
Under the directives of the Deanship of Academic Support Services, the Academic Computing Services Section under the IT Center, as part of continuous efforts and in line with Academic Accreditation guidelines on the reinforcement of detecting the amount of unreferenced copied content in student assignments (Plagiarism), invited all UOS Faculty members to attend one of 4 training sessions on ‘Using SafeAssign' the Plagiarism detection tool, held between 7-8 March 2010 at Ibn AlNafis Hall (W8) . Click Here to View presentations.

October to November 2009 - Instructional Technologies Training Sessions
Helping you achieve your e-learning goals
Under the directives of the Deanship of Academic Support Services, the Academic Computing Services Section, part of the IT Center at UOS conducts the Instructional Technologies Training Program Series. 
To support our valued faculty members and teaching staff, and to facilitate e-learning processes, the Instructional Technology Unit under the Academic Computing Services section offered a customized Training program oriented to each College’s teaching staff and their instructional technology training needs. 
The Instructional Technologies training is designed based on the training needs analysis and understanding of the current usage of the Blackboard learning system and its related tools within individual College and departments, with the key objectives to:
  • Increase familiarity with Blackboard learning system and its features
  • Present advanced e-learning features and tools including Plagiarism detection through SafeAssign
  • Introduce the new course-design method and tools including Course Genie
The ITU training program drew attendance of over 130 faculty members and teaching staff from across all the Colleges including Sharjah, Khor Fakkan, Deba, Maleha and Kalba branch audiences.

March 2009 - Blackboard training series - Spring 2008 2009
In continued efforts to fulfil the goals of the unit, the ITU planned and implemented training sessions to further facilitate adoption of the Online learning system and to support academic staff. The ITU conducted the Blackboard Training series during Spring 2008-2009, covering 4 sessions on Course Building and Managing Gradecenter tracks, inviting all UoS Campus faculty members and teaching staff to attend to refresh their skills on Blackboard usage and gain insight to the new features and enhancements in the Online learning system.

The ITU, in line with the unit goals and objectives, is driving efforts to facilitate academic staff to leverage the benefits of a new authoring tool for Course design, called Wimba -Course Genie. As phase one of the deployment of a 3 part Product suite, Course genie implementation has been continued through organized training session

Aug 2008 to Oct 2008 - Blackboard Training Series in Fall 2008 2009
As part of the continuous efforts by the ITU, under the directives of the Deanship of Academic Support Services, Blackboard Training series were conducted across the Fall 2008 2009 semester. The first of the series ran in Aug 2008 and the second in October 2008. The focus was to provide customized training sessions in two parts – “Building Your Courses” & “Gradecenter”, to new and continuing faculty members and teaching staff of all UOS campuses, as part of the larger campaign to enhance faculty Blackboard experience.

Feb To March 2008 - Blackboard Training Sessions Series for Spring 2008

The ITU conducted a 3-part series of Blackboard training sessions customized to the requirements of the UOS Faculty and teaching process. The training workshops were conducted with the objective to transfer knowledge on special features of the Blackboard system including the Enhanced Course Design tools, Virtual Classroom , Chat Collaboration tools, Online surveys and assignment tools. In all six English and six Arabic workshops were conducted with participation from over 90 faculty members.

February 2008 - Community College Blackboard trainings for Students
 During the Spring 2007-2008 semester the ITU delivered Blackboard Orientation Sessions for Students of the Community College Branches, covering Dibba, Maleha, Kalba, Khor Fakkan and Sharjah Branches. With the support and coordination from Ms Ruba and Mr Abdellah Baker, the ITU was successful in spreading awareness to overall, more than 300 students attended which we estimated as about 75% attendance. The response was neutral and the students said they look forward to seeing their courses online. The Blackboard utilization success depends on the Faculty to substitute manual work with digital learning materials.
December 2007 - Blackboard trainings for Community College Faculty
In the endeavor to spread the usage of Blackboard learning system across the University, The ITU took on the challenge to spread awareness about the Learning system Blackboard to the Community College users.
In December the ITU provided Trainings for Faculty and teaching staff of the Community Colleges with a focus on facilitating the adoption of Blackboard for teaching using online media for their studies. The faculty reactions were interesting and most of the training participants were curious to know more about what Blackboard can do.
The attendance was marked 100% for Faculty trainings which is a very positive KPI for the ITU-Blackboard trainings.
Using a blended approach the ITU conducted Arabic Community College Faculty oriented training sessions, Structure of Sessions was designed to balance content, communication and construction.

15 /3/2007 - Medical Colleges training session
We conducted a specially requested training for the College of Medicine on March 15th 2007. The training session was specifically designed to address the needs of the faculty of the College of Medicine. During 2 hours, the session attendees worked up from the simple steps of creating course materials and uploading blackboard course content, all the way to managing grades and student section matters. The agenda of the 2-hour session included a presentation with an overview of Blackboard 7.1 features and advantages, followed by exercises based on a worksheet prepared by our own Blackboard team. The faculty returned a positive feedback. We are hopeful to be able to conduct more such sessions in the coming future.

24 - 25 /1/2007 - Blackboard Orientation Week
The ACS held The ACS held Orientation Sessions followed by workshops designed to support the Blackboard needs of faculty members at the beginning of the Spring 2006/2007 Semester. During the course of the week multiple Seminars were held at the Al Bayrouni Hall. The key features of the seminar were the launching of the Know Blackboard and the new way to log in to Blackboard.