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Archived Events
30 /4/2007 - Students Elections 2007
This year the Student Elections were hosted online through Blackboard on April 30th 2007. The elections were held online in line with the Election Rules mandated by the Deanship of Student Affairs , Men and Women, under the supervision of Dr. Abdalla EL Mneizel and with the support from Ms. Bakhita AlKhatri and Mr. Hesham Mahmoud. With the coordination with the Deanship ,Blackboard hosted Election Voting forms online for 11 colleges both Men and Women. The Online Elections preparation included a presentation on April 22nd 07 to introduce the steps of how to Blackboard for voting. Using Blackboard for online elections had two-fold benefits: higher security in voting and results collection, high availability and accessibility. The presentations following the initiation where covered by Sharjah TV. Prior to the Election the labs across the university were checked and through the support from the Deanship, specially Ms. Bakhita, posters and flyers with the voting steps were advertised to students. On April 30th 2007 the Elections were made available online from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and the results were collected instantaneously through Blackboard the same day. The Deanship of Student Affairs, Men and Women and Higher Administration are proud and pleased with the performance of Blackboard in this event.
15 /3/2007 - Medical Colleges training session
We conducted a specially requested training for the College of Medicine on March 15th 2007. The training session was specifically designed to address the needs of the faculty of the College of Medicine. During 2 hours, the session attendees worked up from the simple steps of creating course materials and uploading blackboard course content, all the way to managing grades and student section matters. The agenda of the 2-hour session included a presentation with an overview of Blackboard 7.1 features and advantages, followed by exercises based on a worksheet prepared by our own Blackboard team. The faculty returned a positive feedback. We are hopeful to be able to conduct more such sessions in the coming future.

13 - 15 /3/2007 - Adaptive Release & Group Management Workshop
Adaptive Release & Group Management Workshop was designed to provide a detailed talk and workshop on the group-management features of Blackboard 7.1. The sessions were delivered in the form of a presentation on March 13th 2007, followed by workshops on the 14th and 15th March 2007. These sessions' materials are designed by our Blackboard team to suit all faculty. This workshop is among a set of others which be conducted in line with the regular semester-start periods in order to allow maximum number of faculty to attend in multiple locations.

24 - 25 /1/2007 - Blackboard Orientation Week
The ACS held The ACS held Orientation Sessions followed by workshops designed to support the Blackboard needs of faculty members at the beginning of the Spring 2006/2007 Semester. During the course of the week multiple Seminars were held at the Al Bayrouni Hall. The key features of the seminar were the launching of the Know Blackboard and the new way to log in to Blackboard.
23 /1/2007 - Physics and Math placement Tests
In coordination with the Physics and Math divisions and with the support of Mr. Omar ,Blackboard hosted the Physics and Math placement tests which enabled more than 200 students that are in process of enrolling at the University answer their tests online according to the rules and regulations of the University. The placements tests were designed to ensure higher security, time control and random order of questions in order to lower any risks of cheating. Also a key advantage of hosting the placement tests online is that results are instantaneous and the attendance for the exams is controlled by the system.