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​Here you can find Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students.
Click hereto view the answer. 
Your username and password are the network username and password that you use to access email and other university services. 
- Username : University ID (ex. U1414567)
- Password : University Network Password
Email and ask to reset your password. Don't forget to mention your name, email, phone contact and ID number.
There are three possible reasons why you are unable to successfully login to Blackboard.  
  1. The Technical settings on your computer are not set correctly
    In order to view Blackboard correctly on your computer then you need to have a number of settings enabled. Please CLICK HERE to check the Technical Settings needed for Accessing Blackboard page.  
  2. You didn't register for any course in the current semester
    If you didn't register for any course in the current semester yet then you will not be able to access Blackboard. If you have registered for your courses then they will be automatically updated on Blackboard shortly.
  3. You have financial hold
    If you didn't fulfill the tuition fees by the announced deadline, then you might have got a financial hold which blocks you from accessing Blackboard. In this case, you need to pay the tuition fees in order for Blackboard to be reactivated.

If none of the mentioned information is useful to your case, please email Blackboard Support at to check your status. Don't forget to mention your name, email, phone contact and ID number.

Click here to view the answer.
Additional Suggested Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player or equivalent, QuickTime plug-in, Real Player plug-in.
End users must use a certified or compatible operating system and browser configuration with the Blackboard Academic Suite.
Click here to view the Supported Browsers.
First make sure to register for your courses through the MyUDC or through the registration department. After you register for your courses, they will be automatically updated on Blackboard  Shortly.
If you still can't see your courses, please email Blackboard Support at . Don't forget to mention Your Name, ID, phone contact and Courses missed.
  • From the course menu select the Assignments link
  • Click on the assignment name you want to submit
  • Click on "Browse my Computer" to attach the assignment file for submission. 
    (we advise you to name the file as "Assignment name_ your id" )
  • Click Submit

For more information, Click here.

When your instructor enables plagiarism detection, you will see a message stating that "Your assignment will be reviewed through SafeAssign". This means that the submitted assignment will be checked against a large number of "plagiarism databases" and gives as a result a SafeAssign report that highlights the content parts which appear as plagiarized and the matching % of plagiarism.

Optionally, instructor can allow students to view the generated SafeAssign report.

For more information, Click here.

From the course menu select the My Grades link. You can see all your grades for a specific course.
  • Below the course menu, click on the section number
  • Click on Group Discussion Board
  • Click on your section number to access the discussion board associated with it
  • From the course menu select contacts
  • You can find the instructor email, phone, office location and office hours
  • Select the course from the Course List
  • At the top left of the course page, click on the folder icon found exactly above the course name
  •  A small box will appear with all the constituents of the course. At the top right, click on "+" sign  to expand all the contents of the subfolders.