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Organization Structure:

The Finance Department consists of the following sections:

General Accounts
The General Accounts Section is responsible for accurate record keeping, including Payroll and Employee Benefits, Accounts Payable, Treasury, General Accounts, Students and Scholarship Accounts and Auxiliary Revenue. 

Planning & Budgeting
The Planning and Budgeting Section is responsible for preparing the annual budget, in conjunction with the various departments and colleges of the University, and following up on its implementation after it has been duly approved.

Financial Reporting
The Financial Reporting Section communicates with the University's management to provide a clear picture of past and current performance.

Asset Management
The Asset Management unit provides a permanent system of internal control to safeguard and protects University assets by specific criteria for commitment to the university systems  so as to ensure the rights of the university in maintaining the assets. It determines how the volume of assets can be used, and determines the need for new assets. On the other hand, it guarantees the right of users (administrative and academic) to know the number of the assets assigned. The employee is considered legally responsible for these assets and responsible for any loss or damage or abuse in using the assets.