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Vision & Mission
The Enrollment Management & Academic Guidance Department (EMAG) operates interdependently and with others, sharing information of value to the institution as a whole, and working with our colleagues to achieve a cohesive, supportive, network for students from the time of their first inquiry until they complete their admissions to the University.
Each member of the Enrollment Management & Academic Guidance team works creatively, enthusiastically, and diligently to attain market prominence, achieve optimal enrollment through progressive recruitment and retention efforts, support the vision and the academic mission of the University, and enhance student learning and success.
Team-initiated division and university-wide programming efforts and information management are vital to the achievement of these goals.  Through shared learning experiences and a genuine commitment to teamwork, the Enrollment Management & Academic Guidance Unit exerts a positive influence in optimizing a match between potential learners and the values, vision, and competencies at UOS.
The mission of our enrollment services is to use a systematic set of activities and programming efforts to coordinate student recruitment and enrollment management initiatives at the University of Sharjah. These activities include providing consistent and clear articulation of our vision and mission, strategic recruitment approaches and comprehensive academic advising in response to student interests and needs.
Enrollment Management
Enrollment management covers enrollment planning that is designed to assist UOS in achieving its mission of responding to the UAE, community and regional needs. By developing and utilizing an on-going enrollment planning process, EMAG facilitates continual improvement in the quality of our students’ educational experience. Everyone within the campus community, especially the academic units, has an active role to play in managing UOS enrollment and assisting prospective UOS students in achieving their academic goals. Decisions related to enrollment planning are data-driven and utilize internal and external data sources to examine trends and demographic characteristics.

Core Values
The core values behind enrollment management are to provide conceptual strategies for EMAG day-to-day operations, as well as our interactions with people. Our core values include:
Placing STUDENTS first:  This means that EMAG makes decisions and takes actions that are in the best interest of students so that they may experience success and a first-rate university education at the University of Sharjah. Student learning and success drive our policies, practices, system procedures and our communication.  In our programming and services, we  consider what “matters most” in achieving student learning and success.
 Providing a qualified staff:  Students will only be first if all levels of our staff are highly qualified.  Each University staff member is valued for the diverse contributions they make to enrollment services, UOS, and especially to our students.
Striving to OVER-deliver:  EMAG looks for every opportunity to EXCEED the expectations of those we serve, always striving to deliver more than we promise.  It is also important for us to be certain that we are delivering what we promise.  Regular quantitative and qualitative assessments lead us to improve our efforts.
Have a purpose for everything we do and execute our plans and projects in an optimal manner:  EMAG clearly defines the purpose of its programs, projects and activities as well as the desired outcomes.  We assess and measure the effectiveness of all initiatives and eliminate, refine, or replace less effective strategies. In this way, we undertake projects that may be managed in an exemplary manner and of the highest quality.
Objective and Strategic Plans
The Enrolment Management and Academic Guidance Department has developed both an Annual Action Plan and a Long-Range Enrollment Management Plan. The Annual Action Plan establishes short-term objectives, specific strategies, a timetable, resources required, responsibility for accomplishing the agreed upon goals, and a method of evaluation, thus monitoring its progress in all areas. The Long-Range Enrollment Management Plan focuses on a long-range set of goals, objectives and action tasks that are aligned with the University Strategic Plan but does not provide the kind of detail found in the Annual Action Plan. These long-range goals highlight the primary objectives related to each of the goals.
Academic Guidance
Academic Guidance promotes student development and success by assisting undecided students with the process of identifying, clarifying, and achieving their academic goals.
Through online advising and individual and group advising, we seek to accomplish the following;
  • Supporting and assisting high school students in the process of becoming self – directed learners.
  • Providing at least one personal contact and e-mail and phone contact for each undecided student in an effort to raise student awareness about what is available through the Office of Enrollment Management and Academic Guidance, the services it provides and the academic policies and procedures by which students are governed.
  • Assisting students with the development of meaningful educational plans, helping them refine their goals and objectives and understand their options, and helping them understand that the responsibility for making decisions regarding their educational plans ultimately lies with them.