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Vision, Mission and Core Values

We seek to create motivating lab conditions involving a mix of contemporary resources, meritorious services and a congenial space that enrich experiential learning, stimulate discovery and advance knowledge.

The mission of the Central Laboratories Directorate is to provide a safe and healthy environment at its facilities, where students and faculty train, apply knowledge and conduct research in an efficient and productive atmosphere. The Central Laboratories Directorate is responsible for fulfilling its obligations to manage the space between colleges, purchase all the needed equipment and maintain its facility and equipment efficiently.

Core Values
The Central Labs Directorate will fulfill its mission in accordance with the following set of core values:

  1. Supportive Practical Learning Environment
    The Central Labs is committed to a student-centered and supportive modern practical learning environment. Central Laboratories (CL) at the UoS is to support the academic programs and researchers to enrich students' practical abilities and advance knowledge through experimental verification.
  2. Quality of Service
    The Central Labs is committed to high quality standards and continuous improvement in practical teaching environment.
  3. Outreach
    The Central Labs is committed to extend responsive links with the community, emphasizing service, and transfer of know-how.
  4. Healthy and safely environment
    The Central Labs is responsible to maintain a safe lab environment supportive of research and discovery in the fields of science, engineering, medical and health for all students, faculty and staff.
  5. Central Labs Staff Welfare
    The Central Labs values its staff and all Colleges who are involoved in lab activities for their knowledge, skills, commitment and dedication and will treat them with fairness, respect and dignity.