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Newly Installed Equipment

Equipment Name​Location​College/ Department​Date Installed
​Lucina Maternal Fetal
​College of Medicine
​Dec. 2016
Alpha Beta Counting System
Nuclear Engineering​Nov. 2016
Coaxial Germanium Detector
​Nuclear Engineering
​Nov. 2016
Mobile Cart Air Sampler
​Nuclear Engineering
​Nov. 2016
UTM 30 and Accessories
​Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE)
Upgrading the Structural Equipment System
​Civil & Environmental Engineering
​Oct. 2016
Bruker FT-NMR Spectrometer
Sharjah Institute for Medical Research (SIMR)
​Aug. 2016
Liquid Scintillation Counter
​Nuclear Engineering
​June 2016
​AGFA Wireless Detector
​Medical Diagnostic Imaging
​Apr. 2016
Neutron Generator
​Nuclear Engineering​Nov. 2015