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Director's Welcome

The University of Sharjah has established the Central Laboratories as a core arena for conducting practical experiments, training and research in all skills related to applied and medical sciences. The Central Labs have expanded over time to cater to the needs of all programs at the university, in a manner that guarantees suitable space and state of the art equipment and tools for all laboratories.

The Central Laboratories mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment at its facilities where students and faculty perform teaching and research in an efficient and productive atmosphere. The Central Labs uniqueness and strength is supported by the central management of its facilities where planning and timed acquisition and contracted maintenance of resources (equipment and machines) are monitored continuously.

The Central Labs Directorate is committed to deliver a quality of service in the following areas:

  1. Manage the acquisition of all equipment, tools and consumables that will be utilized in Central Labs from the time of requisition till the final delivery of items to end users.
  2. Maintain all laboratory equipment through the in house maintenance unit or through outside contractors.
  3. Manage the space distribution between programs to satisfy the needs of the new programs and the expansion of the existing ones.
  4. Maintain the central utilities (gas, compressed air, vacu​​um,..etc.) of the Central Labs buildings.
  5. Establish and monitor the safety and security procedures in Central Laboratory buildings.
  6. Maintain a database for all equipment, apparatus, tools and consumables.

    The Central Laboratories is looking forward to be a landmark at the University of Sharjah to serve its students and faculty. The Central Labs is also aiming to strengthen the ties with the local community and maximize the benefit and use of its extensive facilites.​

    Mahmoud Abu Shammeh
    Director of Central Laboratories Directorate