Welcome to the UOS Child Care Center
We are very pleased to welcome you and your children to the “Child Care Center of the University of Sharjah”, which was established with the generous support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah and, President of the University of Sharjah. We hope that you consider our nursery a second home for your children, where we will share in their childhood and in your care of them. Our nursery provides the highest quality service and care and takes a sincere interest in all of the children in the nursery. We strive to maintain the highest standards, which we have practiced since the inception of the University of Sharjah Nursery. We believe that our nursery plays an important role in the psychological and physical health and wellbeing of your child early in his/her first year, when developing feelings of security, love, and stability are vitally important, especially when children are away from their parents.
Children are a gift and blessing from Allah and the wealth of our societies if they are cared for and their individual needs are met, especially in the early stages of childhood. This is what helps them develop, gain confidence in themselves and acquire the various skills and basic capabilities to prepare them for success later in life. The “University of Sharjah Nursery” is genuinely interested in developing a distinctive identity and core set of values for each and every child that will form their basic character so that they may become active participants in the nation, Allah willing, where they will put their talents and competencies into practice and effectively participate in shaping the future.
Our mission at the “Child Care Center of the​ University of Sharjah” is to foster the upbringing of creative happy children who enjoy life’s pleasures in an atmosphere of fun. We discover their best attributes and nurture their confidence by surrounding them with care through providing high quality service and the health, physical and mental care necessary for all aspects of their life. We offer a high level of awareness, consciousness and understanding of the foundations and principles of childrearing that are consistent with our Islamic religion and the customs and traditions of the UAE.
We help to preserve each child’s identity and first language, develop their talents and broaden their awareness, develop sound values, and meet the requirements associated with the stages of child development for each age group. We introduce scientific reasoning and methodology and advanced technology in an atmosphere designed specifically to care for children under