Security and Safety
​The Child care center of the University of Sharjah was established according to the regulations of the UAE Ministry of Health in terms of health, hygiene, safety and fire regulations.
The Nursery’s windows provide excellent ventilation and let in the sunlight. The floor of the building is fully lined with shock-resistant rubber. The Nursery is committed to providing every means of security and safety for children, taking all precautions while children are present both inside and outside the building. The University of Sharjah Nursery follows all the necessary safety-proofing precautions and measures. In the outside play area all poles and chairs are covered with safe and protective sponge material and the Nursery complies with all regulations and policies for the safety and security of children.
We ask your help in maintaining this exceptional level of safety by not allowing your children to enter the Nursery with the following :
  • Coins or metal currency
  • Gold jewelry (or jewelry of any sort)
  • Metal hair clips/accessories
  • Any objects made from glass (bottles, dishes, cups, baby bottles, etc.). Plastic is preferred.
  • Sharp objects, toys, etc.
  • Belts, buckles, laces, etc. Children’s shoes that are easy to put on and take off without laces are preferred.
  • Please hand your child over to someone in charge and let the person in charge know when you pick up your child. Please note that once the parent or guardian picks up his/her child, the Nursery will not be held responsible for the child’s safety either inside the Nursery or outside in the playground.
The Nursery is managed by qualified and specialized female professionals and aides who have been carefully selected to provide the highest level of professional care for your children. Our service providers possess the expertise to reach a balance between play, relaxation, and organized and interactive activities. Our Nursery takes into full consideration the supervisor or aide​/child ratio for every level because the Nursery management places your child’s comfort and safety foremost. The number of children for each level is determined by the management and the Nursery does not accept children above this number under any circumstances or for any emergencies in order to maintain the ratio limit and group proportionality.