Programs and Fees
  • The Nursery provides a number of programs including: f​ull-day, half-day afternoon and hourly programs (please contact the nursery beforehand to coordinate with the administration). 
  • The Nursery requests that parents and guardians drop off and pick up their children according to their respective program timings.
  • If parents/guardians are late in picking up their children, according to their particular program, they are required to pay a late fee for every hour late (please note that lateness less than an hour is calculated as a full hour). The late fee should be paid in cash at the Nursery at the same time the child is picked up upon which a receipt of payment will be issued.
Fees and Installments
  • Fees amounts are determined by the Financial department of UOS.
  • Fees should be paid for each semester in full and in advance within a period set and announced. Payment is required in cash only. Payment should be made at the Nursery where a receipt will be issued.
  • If a parent or guardian decides to withdraw their child from the Nursery after the beginning of the semester, for whatever reason, the period of attendance will be calculated and deducted from payment (partial attendance during a month is counted as a full month). Additionally, a 25% fine will be deducted from the remaining payment as a withdrawal penalty.
  • All children at the Nursery wear a uniform (with the exception of infants), which is comfortable and loose. Uniforms may be purchased at the Nursery where payment should be made in cash and a receipt will be issued.