Occasions and Celebrations
​Specail Occaions and Celebrations
  •  Celebrations for religious and national occasions include: Eid al Fitr, Eid al Adha, Hijri Islamic New Year, the Prophet’s birthday, New Year’s Day, children’s birthdays, National Day, etc. 

  •  If parents/guardians wish, children’s birthdays may be celebrated, depending on the Nursery’s circumstances and with pre-approval from the Nursery management to make the necessary arrangements.  
Outside Excursions
Children go for walks on a daily basis in designated areas and at certain times of the year.
  • Age appropriate visits and excursions are taken related to certain themes and activities at the Nursery and subject to the climate and weather. Children are accompanied by those in charge and the cleaning women on University buses with the approval of parents/guardians. The nursery upholds the safety of children and the management accompanies children on trips​ to ensure children’s safety.

  • If parents/guardians do not wish for their children to participate in an excursion, the child should stay home due to the lack of supervised care at the Nursery on that particular day. The Nursery is unable to place children with another group due to age differences and also because the number of supervisors is dictated by the number of children enrolled in each class (ratio and proportion limitations).