​The objectives of the Nursery are to:
  • Provide a healthy and stimulating environment appropriate to children for learning, play, self discovery and self development. 
  • Strengthen the positive values of children so that they feel joy and happiness. 
  • Build in children a sense of creativity and develop their various physical senses according to the stages of natural child development. 
  • Teach children to value a love for learning and knowledge by providing lots of love, encouragement and reassurance. 
  • Strengthen the child’s ability to grow and learn by applying the highest quality of early child care.
  • Reinforce the child’s social skills through interaction, cooperation, group participation, and by encouraging them to be good listeners, take turns and form relationships. 
  • Provide children an opportunity to develop their motor skills through physical activities.
  • Develop the child’s imagination using developmental activities that encourage them to express various concepts and develop their ability to exchange ideas and feelings. 
  • Be fully committed to the health and nutrition of children.
  • Focus on the child’s development including numerous aspects of social, physical, mental, cultural and emotional growth. 
  • Support the child’s needs and give them an opportunity to make a smooth transition from the ​nursery to kindergarten. 
  • Teach children to adapt easily to new people and new situations. 
  • Develop the human, material and educational potential and capabilities of the Nursery to contribute to the development of healthy children, mentally, physically and educationally, in order to pave the way for a bright and prosperous future in the early years of their lives.​