Location and Work Hours
The Child care center of University of Sharjah is located on the University’s campus behind the College of Fine Arts and Design within the new Al Khawarizmi housing complex for faculty members. The Nursery accepts children from two months to four years of age and provides service to children of faculty and administrative staff members, children of students and children of all University City staff as a first priority. If vacancies remain, the Nursery is open to the community-at-large (please note that seats are limited).

Working Hours
  • The Nursery is open from Sunday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 4:45 pm.
  • The Nursery runs according to the University’s schedule for holidays, official, semester and annual breaks, any emergency or extraordinary circumstances at the University, and the beginning and end of semesters, and month of Ramadan (please refer to the University’s calendar for the current academic year available on the University’s website).

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