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​Questions and Contacting Us
  • The Nursery takes pictures of the children while they are at the Nursery and uploads these on our new instagram account:
  • The Nursery has the policy of prohibiting all CCC staff from using mobile phones during official work hours so that they may provide optimal quality care to children without any interruptions and maintain the health and safety of children at the Nursery.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about your child is development and activities or to inform about any new circumstances. The Nursery welcomes your inquiries at any time during our official working days and hours, either when you are at the center to drop off or pick up your child, or by phone.
  • We believe that continual and on-going cooperation and communication between the Nursery’s work team and parents/guardians goes hand-in-hand with helping to care for children and give them support during their various stages of development. This is what allows us to achieve the best that can be achieved, because we believe that every child has special skills and potential that need to be developed.
  • Parents hereby undertakes to notify CCC of any kind of updated information about their child during the academic year. Please submit the copy of that updated document to the CCC.
For more information, please contact the Nursery Management :
  •  Ms. Hala El Kady  [ 050-6977861 ]
  • Tel no. : 065053790 / 065589213 / 065589212
  • Fax    :    06-5589177 
  • Email: