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Training Stages

​First phase: Before Training 

What to do before your Internship?

1-      Receive your official acceptance from the company.

2-      Register for the "Training course" in Banner.

3-       Submit to CASTO 

                - Copy of the acceptance letter + 

                - Copy of your registration schedule (from MyUDC)

                 *Last date to submit the documents 9th June 2016​*

4-      Follow the BlackBoard instructions  

Second phase: Check list during the training period 

  • Start your internship as agreed with the training organization.
  • Fill in and upload the (T3) "Student Weekly Report" to Internship BlackBoard course by the end of each training week.
  • Complete the (T5) "Student Evaluation of the Training Organization" a week before the end of your training period.
  • Prepare your "final report" (if required) and upload it at the end of the training period.
  • Prepare a "thank you letter" (Optional) to the training organization after completing the training period.
  • The trainees may be requested to prepare a presentation on their final report for colleagues in their college.


Important Issues to pay attention to during the training period 

  • Adhere to the official working hours of the training organization you join.
  • Positively represent the University at the training organization and adhere to work ethics.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information at the training site.
  • Take interest in implementing what you have been commissioned to do in your areas of training.
  • Resolve to achieve the most during the training process to ensure full benefit from the training experience in various areas and refrain from being selective in a way that prevents benefiting from important work competencies and skills.
  • Inform the Academic or Field Supervisor as early as possible about any problems encountered during the training process.
  • Don't be absent. In case there's any emergency that will cause you to miss training time, you must take permission from both the field supervisor and the academic supervisor.


Note: Your are NOT permitted to change your training organization after getting written acceptance. 


​​​Practical Training Summer 2016.pptx